Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nesting Notes

So the past month or so has been pretty fun…except for feeling like a penguin with elephant feet. At last I’ve been able to do some hardcore nesting. I have been accumulating a prize-winning cloth diaper stash, sewing nursing pads, washing and folding side-snap t-shirts, and reading up on how to do a baby massage.

Here are a few of the skills I’ve been working to acquire. (Special thanks to Kristie Ann, Kathy’s baby doll, for being my guinea pig.)

I made myself this stretchy wrap out of a length of knit fabric. There is a bit of a learning curve regarding how to use it. I practiced on myself, but with my huge belly it wasn’t very accurate, so I had to practice on Tim as well.

I have learned to fold a flat diaper. I had no leaks in my trial run. We’ll see how it goes on the real baby.

And here is my rendition of the Happiest Baby on the Block swaddle. This baby isn’t going anywhere.

In the process of assembling baby’s necessities, I have noticed an interesting tendency. It seems that manufacturers of baby products have an irresistible compunction to choose ridiculous names for their products. Some of the best ones have to do with diapering and breastfeeding. Apparently even though we’re all adults, we still think there’s something giggle-worthy about butts and boobs.

Top 5 cloth diaper brand names:
5. FuzziBunz
4. Thirsties (that just grosses me out when I think about it)
3. Happy Heiny’s
2. Cutiepoops
1. Tinkle Traps

Top 5 breastfeeding products:
5. Breast pump: Medela Pump-in-Style (seriously, some things just aren’t chic)
4. Nursing cover: Udder Covers
3. Feeding pillow: My Brest Friend
2. Nursing cover: Hooter Hiders
1. Nursing top: Pika Bubi

So on to some real news. It looks like we’re having the baby on Monday. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of being induced. I mean, seriously, I spent four months trying to stay pregnant, and now that everyone is ready, she won’t budge! Apparently I have a cervix of steel. But anyway, the doctors all think it’s best if she comes before her due date. I guess because of her kidney problem, the longer she stays in there the more dangerous it becomes for her. So of course we’ll do what we have to. I’m sure excited to meet her!

One last unrelated note. I was at the hospital the other day, and this lady gets one of those grins on her face that people get when they see a hugely pregnant person, and she says, “Do you know what you’re having?” I tell her we’re having a girl, and she responds, “Well, as long as it’s healthy. Maybe you’ll have a boy next time.” I didn’t know how to respond except to play along, so I said, “We can only hope,” and walked away. Seriously? I didn’t know people still thought like that. I should have told her not to worry because we’re moving to Africa and in about fourteen years I’m sure we can get at least a dozen head of cattle for her.

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